Standing Up for Montanans

Montana’s State Auditor is responsible for fighting fraud, holding insurance companies and securities firms accountable, and protecting Montana’s public lands and waters. Jesse Laslovich has deep Montana roots and a proven track record of working for our state. He knows that protecting the things Montanans value is hard work – and he’s ready to do it.

Acres of public land Jesse will fight to keep in public hands
Total amount Jesse has already recovered for Montana victims of securities fraud
Minimum amount the Montana State Auditor recovers for Montanans every year in disputes with insurance companies.
When insurance companies don’t play by the rules — when they deny a claim they shouldn’t have — Montanans don’t need to hire their own lawyer to make the situation right. They already have an advocate: The Montana State Auditor.

Every year, the Montana Auditor’s Office recovers between $3 million and $6 million paid to Montanans for wrongly denied or partially paid insurance claims. This is how the auditor’s office levels the playing field for Montanans like you.

When a Montanan is the victim of a financial crime — when a retiree invests their money in a scheme that isn’t legitimate and loses it all — the Montana State Auditor is the prosecutor who pursues the criminal and helps the victim.

No one ever thinks they’ll need a lawyer to take on their insurance company or to recover from a financial criminal. But when you do, you need a good one.

This is the work Jesse Laslovich specializes in — and he’s good at it.

Throughout his career in public service, Jesse has consistently committed to helping Montanans. He’s helped Montana families fight insurance companies to get their claims paid. He has prosecuted Ponzi schemes involving millions of dollars in losses to ordinary Montanans. And he’s won.

But Montana’s next state auditor needs to do more than be a good fighter. He needs to understand Montana’s healthcare system well enough to know where it’s broken — and how to fix it.

As Montana State Auditor, Jesse wants to make our health care costs more transparent so we can make informed health care decisions, so we know what we’re getting out of healthcare before we buy it.

The Montana State Auditor also has a seat on the state Land Board — which makes decisions about how Montana public lands are managed. Jesse grew up in Anaconda, fishing, hiking and recreating on public lands. For him, keeping public lands in public hands is not just a slogan, it’s a commitment to pass on the opportunities he enjoyed to the next generation of Montanans — including his own children.

Experience. Commitment. Energy.
Jesse Laslovich is ready.

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